33 x Wellness Warriors from Healthy Lifestyle Club including myself, Marco and Rae are participating in a 3 day alkaline cleanse. Today marks day 2 and I thought that I would share some of the emotions that we are feeling.

Firstly a little insight to Marco and Myself- Over the last year or so Marco and I have been on our own little wellness journey so I thought  doing this cleanse would be a walk in the park. We don’t drink coffee any more and have made a choice to not drink alcohol for a while? (3 months so far)  We already feel amazing but wanted to really give our bodies that alkaline hit. Another reason for doing the cleanse was to support our clients and Rae with her great  program.

Any way back to a walk in the park……….this is no walk in the park let me tell you. Day one was super easy and we felt great until we hit 8pm. Marco lay next to me on the bathroom floor as I had a shower and was in fits of laughter. “What are you laughing at I ask? His reply- ” I have no idea?”I feel so hungry that all I can do is laugh”

Now this is where I need to tell you that there is a section in this cleanse that states-  If you feel dizzy, hungry etc choose some snacks from the recommended snack list.BUT….. Marco being Marco wanted to challenge himself to just have the juices and not the snacks!!!!!!! I was up for a challenge (even though Rae suggested not too) so I thought that I would join Marco in his crazy idea. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t hit the wall as well…….after sitting on the lounge like two zombies I made the executive decision to take advantage of the “allowed” snack list. Marco’s odd behavior and hunger chuckle soon stopped and we returned to our normal selves(not sure if we are normal but lets just call it that)

SO the big fat lesson here and one that we all know( but choose to ignore most of the time) is to always listen to your  self…..we are all built differently and what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for others. We get so caught up in trying to stick to “THAT” diet or challenge even if it doesn’t feel right because we don’t want to fail.  By doing this we end up ignoring our inner voice and creating a lot of negative self talk. If you feel great keep doing what you are doing….if you feel like crap its time to make a change. Every diet or challenge or food philosophy or celebrity or gym or PT has their own interpretation of what is the right thing for you. But YOU know whats best. Yes take advise from the experts…..  BUT at the end of the day no matter what diet you choose, you will always learn something that is so simple. You will (if its been written by an educated person) learn that eating fresh, clean and non packaged food just makes you feel so good.

That snack of blueberries and strawberries tasted SO GOOD last night and it reiterates the point that snacks don’t have to be bad for us. The best snacks are staring us in the face every single day. We just have to change our mindset and appreciate how good we feel when we look after ourselves. We all know whats right and wrong….we all know what makes us feel good or bad, we just have to LISTEN.       LISTEN to OURSELVES.

So as we continue on on our little 3 day cleanse I know that we will be  taking  some very positive changes out of it and creating better habits that will help us on our wellness journey. It only takes ‘1’ thing to make a positive change and then it’s up to you to develop your very own unique way of living.

I love this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert  – “YOU are the manager of your own corporation that is YOU”

Love Amber   x