I wanted to let our reformer teachers Rae & Lisa share their journeys and love of Pilates Reformer with you ……

Rae’s Journey: I have been teaching Pilates since 2009 and Massaging since 2002. After years of massaging and helping clients with injuries and pain throughout their bodies I knew I needed to help them by changing their posture to bring balance back to their bodies. I realized after suffering from a knee injury that my body was out of balance, my big muscles were asleep and therefor I had no stability and my flexibility was limited. Pilates can bring back the balance in your body that you might be missing to become injury free and to create long lean muscles.

Love Rae x


Lisa’s Journey: The Pilates Reformer is an exquisite piece of equipment. It enables a full range of motion; pushing and pulling legs and arms against the resistance of the springs all the while the core is working and enhancing bone pressure to regenerate. I discovered my rotator cuff was inhibited and felt the weakness down the left side of my body straight away. You can’t cheat the Reformer; the Reformer will ultimately balance you out. Now that I have discovered the Reformer, I know it will always be a part of my life as the benefits are just apt and vast. As a teacher, we share all we learn and I hope to bring my Yoga extension to create fluidity on this remarkable machine so that you can all benefit from it.

Love Lisa x


Any one who has done a reformer Pilates class would understand exactly what the girls are talking about. If you are curious and would love to participate in one of our Pilates Reformer Circuit Classes at HLC simply download the MindBody App-search for Healthy Lifestyle Club-Find a class that you would like to attend-Book and Pay. It’s super easy and you do not have to be a gym member to participate.

Call 55 702116 or email [email protected] for more details

Love AMBER x