I wanted to dedicate this Blog to our staff ‘Our Team’ at HLC. It has been 12 years in the making and finally we have got it right. This is no disrespect  to anyone who has worked for us before because we have had some phenomenal individuals work here but if i had to bottle up the dynamic that we have at the moment it would be safe to say it’s pretty spot on. Every one is unique and everybody has something so special to offer. If you can embrace that special ‘something’ especially with your team you are on to a good thing. If I had to mention the HLC TEAMS special ‘something’  as I see it(they may think otherwise) it would go like this –

Dani our Yoga and Meditation Teacher is so welcoming and caring. The minute you walk into the room she makes you feel like you are at home with a long lost friend. I’m not sure how she does it but she connects with everyone and cares for all that cross her path.  A true nurturer!

Lois our Yoga, Pilates and Stretch Teacher is a shining light. She has this energy that is infectious and it just oozes out of her and makes you feel so good to be in her presence. She is so passionate about life    she just makes you smile.

Lisa our Yoga and Pilates Reformer Teacher reminds me of a delicate rose. She is so graceful and soft creating calm energy in the room. Even her voice has the ability to make you feel like you are floating on a cloud. The epitome of a Lady.

Lorin our Yoga and Pilates teacher is a little free spirit. Her yoga classes make you feel like you are in a spiritual temple in India. She makes you feel both secure yet challenged keeping you constantly intrigued by her personality.

Rae our Rebound, Pilates and Reformer Pilates teacher is our guru of Pilates. The knowledge that this women has blows my mind. Her classes are smooth and precise…..with attention to detail. Her love of fitness is an inspiration.

Gee our Yoga teacher is our little ray of sunshine. She certainly  is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t ever underestimate what this little lady is capable of…. She has a heart of gold which radiates a constant glow around her.

Hayley is one of our PT’s and group class instructors. She is the ultimate pocket rocket filled with happiness and good vibes. Don’t be fooled by her smile though … She is one tough little cookie and will push you like no other.

Kamila our PT, Group Class Instructor and Kids Fit Trainer is one Motivated Mumma. What this woman achieves day to day is exhausting, admirable and inspirational.  Kamila is one of the most organised people I know and her classes run like a well oiled machine.

Elza our newest team member is a PT with a passion for results. All trainers want clients to receive results but this girl takes it to the next level. Clients are treated like her best friends(most are)  and the attention that she gives them is extraordinary.

‘Kezza’ ‘Nan Nan’ … My Mum…. Is our crèche fairy godmother. Not many people have the ability to walk into a room and instantly create an atmosphere of Love & Happiness….. But this old duck does just that. I had the privilege to be raised by this ray of sunshine and now my crèche babies have the privilege to be cared for by her.


So as you can see we adore our team of FEMALE WARRIORS and feel blessed to have them look after and guide our precious clients. We value each and every one of them and appreciate their uniqueness. HLC would certainly not be what it is without them. The boys will just have to wait till next week to receive their accolades.

Love Amber & Marco xxoo