MOB- Men of Business is the charity that Marco founded over 5 years ago.

Mob is a life changing mentoring program that runs for 14-17 year old boys. This program is an intensive mentoring and personal training model designed to empower teenage boys with positive community and male role models. In the past five years, MOB has assisted over 1,000 youth at risk in Queensland and most recently Toowoomba to re-engage with education, family and break into the workforce. Without the support of the HLC community I really don’t know if MOB would be what it is today? It touches our hearts every day to see how amazingly generous the human race can be and how well everyone grasps the idea of PAYING IT FORWARD. As I sit in my office and glance out into the car park each day I get to witness so many young boys participating in the program and it fills me with so much joy that we can impact their lives in such a positive way.  I often imagine what it will be like when our own boys are that age and pray that if they need guidance MOB is still standing strong. MOB is a charity and without the community  we wouldn’t survive so if you feel like PAYING IT FORWARD please visit the MOB WEBSITE for ways to help out. Have a wonderful Weekend Love Amber (&Marco) x