The last few days have been a tad stressful to say the least. Kids in general can cause  a lot of stress but when they are sick it takes it to an entire new level. One of our sons was tested for type 1 Diabetes on Thursday…..he had to have the glucose tolerance test which for adults is not so bad but for a 9 year old it can be very frightening. Thank fully we found out today that he is ok and that we have nothing to worry about.To say that we feel blessed with the results would be an understatement…….my heart does go out to parents whom don’t get such good news about  their precious little ones health. When you are going through health issues(either yourself, friends or family) it really does make you put every thing into perspective. We get so caught up in silly things  and when you truly think about it, it is usually something that is not that important after all. I am  very fortunate to have such a positive husband by my side when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed about something. He continually teaches me little ways to get through stressful situations. One of the main things that he repeats is- lets not worry or stress until we have been handed the problem. And yes 9 times out of 10 we have worried for no reason. Another little thing that he does is remind all of us(myself and the boys) that no matter what the problem is we will get through it because we are a team and we will support each other.  We have also started focussing on our health when we go through stressful times. The first thing that we want to do is reach out to unhealthy food and drink choices. We, like so many others feel that this will make us feel better and yes it does for a short moment but then you come crashing down and generally feel worse off. We are loving our new way of thinking and will continue to nurture our bodies at stressful times. A good tip is to just STOP for a minute and think about your emotions. Do I really need or want that bag of chips or am I just trying to soothe my current emotion? For us we do need to support each other as usually one of us is being defiant and wants to rebel, so make sure you have someone who can be your up when you are down. And try your hardest to not get disappointed in yourself for messing up your fitness/health routine. Going for a walk, meditating, reading a book or sitting at the beach can be just as beneficial as getting to your yoga class or boxing class. Listen to your body and it will get you through the stressful times. Love Amber x