Our Group Class instructors would love the opportunity to work with you in our group classes. We understand that trying classes for the first time can be scary but please trust in the fact that our amazing community are here to train and not to judge. Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, we love new energy so come on in and give it a go. If you are worried about a class or would like more explanation please do not hesitate to contact us.


A great full body work out with an emphasis on the upper body. Classes involve punch combinations on the bags and boxing specific exercises and drills.

Class duration 45mins

Functional Fit

These classes are a high intensity strength and cardio all body workout. The circuit format is forever evolving and changing with stations designed to challenge your body and mind.

Class Duration 45mins

Barre Circuit

Develop long lean muscles and sculpt your inner ballerina with this circuit class that works small targeted muscle groups rotating from the Barre to stations equipped with rings, weighted balls and bands.

Class duration 45minutes

Strength / Strength 30

Tone and strengthen your body using dumbells, strength bands and Swiss balls. This functional strength class is designed for all levels of members teaching good technique, posture and range. If you don’t use those muscles you will lose them.

Class duration 45 minutes (Strength) or 30 minutes (Strength 30)

Burn / Burn 30

This metabolic class has been designed with a mixture of strength, cardio and body weight exercise. Run over timed intervals you will feel the fat burn and your energy lift. Try the burn 30 if you are a little nervous. Our trainers work with all levels of fitness and ability so come on in and give burn a try.

Class duration 45 minutes (Burn) or 30 minutes (Burn 30)