So last week we dedicated the blog to the ladies….this week it’s our LADS turn.


We are so fortunate to have such a diverse team at HLC, they(our team) all offer something special and unique and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The thing that stands out the most for me with our guys is that they are all genuine, caring, respectful, polite, passionate, determined and most importantly they are all GENTLEMEN!

Of course they are all extremely fit, well educated and healthy but they too, like the girls, have special little talents that make them Amazing coaches and Group Class Instructors.

Erik is our boxing coach and PT ……If you have ever had the privelige to train with Erik you will know just how passionate he is about Boxing and fitness. He is extremely fit himself and will have you doing exercises that will push you to your limits. He may be our quietest PT but this guy is fierce.

Michael is another one of our PT’s and Group class instructors…. Michael is a talented Basketball player and after years of study at University he is a walking book of knowledge. Michael is our I’s and T’s guy and if you train under him you know that you are in safe hands.

Yonah is one of our newest members to the team and brings the passion of Exercise Physiology to HLC. In the short time that Yonah has been with us we admire his laid back and positive approach to life. He is one soulful guy and is going to fit right into our little club.

Taylor (Taylor Made Coaching) is possibly one of the friendliest guys that we know. This guy oozes happiness and you can’t not smile when you see him. He is passionate about Holistic Health and is an example that you can achieve greatness by living this way…. Did I mention that he is an elite Tri Athlete?

Damien is now 100% focussed on MOB but we still consider him a very big part of our team. He is an amazing role model to all the young men he trains and mentors. Damo is constantly thinking of others and is always eager to offer help. We have so much respect for this guy and are grateful that he came into our lives.

Last but not least is MARCO….. Yes he is my husband and best friend and I love him dearly but what he has done at HLC over the past 12years is phenomenal. He has the ability to make EVERYONE feel welcome and comfortable when in his presence. I could go on forever and a day about his achievements and qualities but if you know Marco you know that he is honestly the most amazing MAN. He is the reason why HLC is what it is…… Yes….We are a great team but it is Marco that started it all and created this unique business. I’m not sure you will ever meet another man like him and all of us (staff and clients) are lucky to have him as our Captain!

So as you can see our Guys at HLC are all great men and if my 3 young men are anything like them I will be one proud Mumma.